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National Action Plan 2007

This is the National Activity Plan for 2007 presented by the Sri Lankan Network set up to promote the signing and ratification of OPCAT in that country.

Draft National Action Plan—Sri Lanka Network
For April to December 2007

Main Objective:

Promoting the Sri Lankan government to sign, ratify and then implement the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) thereby enabling independent visits to places of detention within the country by international and national bodies.

Proposed Activities until December 2007:

1. Campaigning among the general public

  • To translate the Optional Protocol text into Sinhala and Tamil languages; (In fact the translation into Sinhala language is already complete.)
  • To make a concise paper regarding the objects of OPCAT in all three languages; [July] 
  • To make a power point presentation on the instrument; [July]
  • To print awareness raising fliers to be distributed amongst the people; [June]
  • To prepare banners and posters to be used at street movements; [June]

2. Awareness raising among member of People Against Torture (PAT), members and other HR organisations, with the objective of building a strong lobby against torture and in promotion of independent visits to detention centres—the main objective of the Optional Protocol. [August]

3. To conduct discussions, view exchange meetings with other interested NGOs, members of government departments and institutions e.g. prisons and probation officials. [July – November]

4. To collect data relating to the different types of detention centres in the country, relevant national laws and institutional rules and regulations etc. [July – August]

5. To conduct a survey on torture and detention centres with the aid of a specialist/expert. [October-December]

6.View exchange meetings with the UN representatives in Sri Lanka, HR NGOs, funding agencies, lawyers, medical professionals, Trade Union representatives, clergy and other civil society groups.[April – November]

7. To take the initiative to establish an OPCAT national committee. [June]

8. To organize a meeting of the OPCAT National committee. To discuss methods of lobbying, to appoint a permanent committee to meet and discuss the importance and working of OPCAT during three years [August]

9. To request ambassadors of EU countries to apply pressure on the Sri Lanka government. [June onwards]

10. Celebrating red letters on June 26 and December 10.

  • June 25/26: “freedom from torture” exhibition, street campaigns, seminar, media conference and HR related book exhibition/sale.
  • December 10: To include OPCAT data, photographs, and experiences of the participants at the December 10 Human Rights Day exhibition.

11. Organizing district level meetings for local representatives of government organisations and NGOs [August – December]

12. To conduct a minimum of 8 street movements [campaigns] per month during in the Districts of Galle, Colombo, Kurunegala, Kalutara and Ratnapura. (April - December)

13. Organising a people's forum / peoples hearing with the participation of victims of torture, and representatives from the prisons, police, national police commission, human rights commission, judiciary, voluntary organizations, embassies, and other relevant organizations. [December]

14. Publish press notices and advertisements [June, September, December]

15. Discussion with media personnel. [October]


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